Quicksight Control - Display vlaues (date) in descending order

hello, is there a way to sort the date filter to display in descending order? (Most recent date on top)

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Hello @sirish_bhatta ,
Could you please paste an screenshot of your filter/control?
When using a control with a date type, you should see the following format on the control date picker (which doesn’t have any sort option):

Hi @JoseB-aws,

I have created a cascading Parameter + filter to switch month and days based on a static (manual ) parameter list of values. Based on which one is selected, the corresponding data shows up on the second filter and on charts. The issue is on the second (cascaded filter), it sorts the data by default alphabetically. I wanted to show the filter list of values in descending order in the second filter

I have a similar problem I created a calculated field using the formatdate() function to create a custom month filter. But then the values display in alphabetical order and not in date order. Any suggestions how to fix this.

@sirish_bhatta and @Dom As of now Quicksight does not have a way to do a custom sort on Control values. This feature is on the roadmap. The workaround generally is to prefix your data in a way it shows up in order you want.

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Thanks. Along the way, can you please add ok or check button in a calculation window. Thanks sirish

@sirish_bhatta When you say ok/check button i am assuming you want to validate before save, correct? Trying to understand your use case here.

@mashak_garg Any update on the status of the feature on the roadmap?
We are experiencing the same bottleneck!

Same! We’d love to be able to custom sort, but if we can at least add the ability to sort a control in descending order instead of a defaulted ascending order that’d be great.

Hey @mahak_garg ,

It’s 2024 now, any updates on the descending or custom sort on the filters?