Quicksight convert HTML to string

What is the Quicksight function to handle HTML strings?

We have a requirement to handle HTML in Quicksight reports and wish to convert the HTML embedded code to string format.

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Hello @ColinWoodford , welcome to the QuickSight community!

I have a few quick questions to help you resolve the issue you are currently facing. In regards to the HTML, are you looking to use HTML to customize visuals in QuickSight or is HTML being returned in your table and you want to show it as a string in a QuickSight visual?

Hello @ColinWoodford !

Do you still need help with this question?

We would still like to help but we have not heard from you in a few days. If we don’t hear from you in 3 days this question will be archived.


Hi @DylanM and @duncan - sorry for the delay in responding I was on vacation last week. We still need help. The issue is that we are seeing HTML in the table rather than being rendered as HMTL - eg. Bold and Bullet points etc.

Hey @ColinWoodford, no problem!

Could you potentially share a screenshot or example of what the the tables currently look like as long as it doesn’t show any sensitive data?

Hello @ColinWoodford, I wanted to follow up on your question. If you are trying to render HTML by passing a string into a table, there is not a functionality like dangerouslySetInnerHTML within QuickSight. Rather than sending in HTML via the dataset, you could utilize the conditional formatting functionality on a table to render the cells different based on values being returned.

Hello @ColinWoodford, since this topic has gone without a response for awhile, I am going to archive the question for now. If you want to follow up on this later feel free to post a new question in the community!