QuickSight Dashboard generating time

Is there other way to view how long it takes to generate a dashboard, except using CloudWatch monitoring, please?

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Hi @rstoyanova - Welcome to AWS QuickSight Community and thanks for posting the question. When you are mentioning generate dashboard, are you referring the time to load all visuals in the dashboard. I believe this is bit difficult to calculate from QuickSight side as it depends upon the mode, SPICE or Direct Query.

In parallel, i am curious to see how you are calculating the refresh time from cloudwatch, can you give some details around it.

Tagging experts @Max @David_Wong @Raji_Sivasubramaniam for their advise on this.

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Hi @Sanjeeb2022

I missed to provide few details, sorry.
We have few dashboards that use SPICE data, and we are trying to see how long it takes to load a dashboard.
I still haven’t worked with CloudWatch, I am now exploring some AWS features.
The information I found is that we can monitor a performance of dashboards when viewed by readers (DashboardViewLoadTime) using CloudWatch. Is there any other way we can monitor this performance, please?
We are not interested in showing the refresh time at the moment, but I am curious if “IngestionLatency” gives the duration of the refresh time in Spice.

Hi @rstoyanova - To get the SPICE refresh time for a data set, you can open the data set and go to the refresh page and see all historical refresh time. Please find sample screenshot for the same -

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The only way to see the load time for a dashboard that I’m aware of is by using CloudWatch.


Thanks @David_Wong for sharing the details. Good to see more insights of the dashboard refresh time as well.

Regards - Sanjeeb

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