Quicksight Data Load Issue from S3

I am trying to load data from s3 to Quicksight, but the data is not completely being captured from s3. The dataset status is shown as successful, however the no of rows does not match with my output.

I am getting the data from ETL to S3 then to Quicksight. When I ran the ETL query without the unload function, I got an output of around 5 crore rows, however in quicksight only 3 crore rows are getting loaded. The size of my dataset is also way smaller than 500GB. Please let me know if anyone had faced a similar issue and how can we resolve it.

@kislg ,

Any rows skipped during the import ? . You can check the import status and there would be a file if rows were skipped.
Is your manifest file taking all the files into consideration ? ( Supported formats for Amazon S3 manifest files - Amazon QuickSight )
Can you post a few screenshots on how you are validating the numbers ?

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