QuickSight - Date format not well recognized for uploaded CSV files

Hi everybody,

has anyone encountered any problems when loading “date” columns from uploaded CSV files, ingested into Spice?

I’m facing a strange issue with this kind of files: the “date” column appears correctly interpreted after being loaded in the dataset, but in the analysis it appears as “null”…

Thanks for any help.


Hi Alessandro. Is this question about QuickSight? I want to clarify as your title is indicating you’re using another product

Sorry YES,

it’s about QuickSight, me and my team are using some BI tools and Qlik Sense is one of them.


I had problems with the dateformat in csv files, too. Can you format your date in the csv file as YYYY-MM-DD? This solved everything for me.

The AWS support told me to re-create the dataset because it seems a Spice ingestion issue.