QuickSight Embed Error Message

Has anyone come across this error message for a registered user embedded dashboard session?

We have heard from a couple of instances where this message is displayed. It has resolved itself in one case but it came up again today so was curious if anyone has any guidance on what might cause this?

Hi @bkasen,

There could be multiple things at play. Can you please tell us a little more about your situation or check if the appropriate region is being passed when fetching the dashboard url.


Hi @Srikanth_Baheti,

Shortly after posting this question, we saw a connectivity issue alert from AWS. A short while later, AWS updated with the following message. I suspect the connectivity issue displaying the dashboard was related somehow. One member on our team encountered across multiple embed sessions, however myself and others were not able to replicate so we suspect it was some erratic behavior in US-East-2 (where our embedded dashboards reside)

Thanks for sharing @bkasen! Glad to hear that the issue is now resolved. If in future something like this happens. I highly recommend opening a support ticket so that we can track it from our side and make sure we provide the best experience.

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