Quicksight filter by Month

Hello! I have a string column for Month. When i am sorting this by a-z it is giving me alphabetical orer. How can I do chronological order for a string column with values “April”, “May”, “June”, etc…

Hi @Skodati8, to sort the month in chronological order, you’ll need to create a month sort column in the dataset or in the analysis as shown below. After that column is created, go to the Field Wells of the x-axis → select Sort options → Select the month sort column you created to sort by → select aggregation as sum → click Apply.

Here’s an example of how to create the month sort column.
ifelse({Month} = ‘January’,1,
{Month} = ‘February’,2,
{Month} = ‘March’,3,
{Month} = ‘April’,4,
{Month} = ‘May’,5,
{Month} = ‘June’,6,
{Month} = ‘July’,7,
{Month} = ‘August’,8,
{Month} = ‘September’,9,
{Month} = ‘October’,10,
{Month} = ‘November’,11,
{Month} = ‘December’,12,0)

Screenshot of Sort Options

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