Quicksight GIS Development

I was wondering if there was good documentation on how to develop a GIS application using Quicksight and Redshift? Is there a good person to contact about this?


Hi Jon,

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can you please give some detail about "GIS application " ? I will be in a good position to support you :slight_smile:

Naveed Al

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Hi Naveed,

Thanks for responding to my question.

We are really interested in utilizing QuickSights mapping functions to create a maps and to manage Geographic data. We understand the basic functionality behind importing tables from a data source and plotting geographic features in dashboards, but are wondering if we can go beyond the basic capabilities. For instance, we’d love to embed a Quicksight map into a web application and utilize API calls to update said map.

I know it’s kind of a long shot, but we just wanted to start a conversation to learn more about how the mapping functionality is built and more.

A little back story, we currently use ESRI for all our GIS needs, but we’d like to look at building our own GIS with all AWS components.


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Hope you doing good.

In short, the process should be call api data into SPICE (Dataset) and set the period of data refresh. We can set minimum 15 minutes data incremental refresh.

Secondly, design map using analysis and finally Quicksight allow embedded graphics/analysis features used anywhere you want to use.



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Hi @Jon_Czerniak. Did Naveed’s solution help? I am marking his reply as, “Solution,” but let us know if this is not resolved. And thanks for posting your questions on the community Q&A Forum!

Hi team Quicksight, what Jon has requested this is something that my company have been wanting to achieve for some time now.

I did not quite understand @Naveed’s response. Do you mean this is possible? I think what Jon means is to leverage the functionality of GIS maps that have layers and other spatial information, while having this integrated as a “custom” Quicksight map that one can overlay their data on.

I can think of many examples this would be a powerful tool in many organisations.

This functionality is available in both Tableau and Spotfire. Is there any ambition or appetite from customers to build this into Quicksight? Or is it just a small few who are interested?

Hi @Jon_Czerniak and @jacksons -

we are now working on enabling custom maps in Quicksight. This will allow you to bring your own maps to visualize in Quicksight.

Additionally, the product team is currently working on an integration between ESRI-ARCGI, Redshift and Quicksight. More information here:

If your use case is not covered by these two upcoming implementations, please let me know, provide some additional details about your specific ask regarding GSI and Quicksight, and we will mark it as a feature request.

Hope it helps