Quicksight hourly data compared to previous day and previous year

I just started learning Quicksight few months ago, I am trying to find total orders daily on hourly basis using a line graph. First part is something I figured it out, but I want to compare that with previous week, previous year.

For example:

order_day Total_orders
2023 05/18 8:00 Am 20
2023 05/11 8:00 Am 40
2022 05/18 8:00 Am 10

First one is something I got how to have second and third in the same line graph


Welcome to the QuickSight community.

You can do this comparison using periodOverPeriodLastValue. Please

It is explained in detail in this community article.

Hope it meets your requirement to compare over the previous period.

Anwar Ali


Thank you, @AnwarAli Anwar. But I am not able to pull out at hourly level comparison, can you please any article related to that.

Hi @Quicksight_beginner

You want to say per hour what was the difference?

Can you make a calculated field that extracts the hour and then use that as your grouping. Then do a periodOverperiodDifference.