Quicksight in us-west-1

I have glue catalog, S3 and all the data setup in us-west-1 (N.California) but the same region is not available on Quicksight dashboard and hence I am not able to connect to any of the data I want access to.
Can anyone suggest a work around for this scenario ?

Hello @divyak, welcome to the QuickSight community! I have seen a few users comment on a similar topic, and in this post, Naveed mentioned utilizing VPC to access your resources in a different region, maybe that would work for your use case as well! Here is some documentation for AWS VPC. Let me know if that helps!

Hello @divyak, did my response help you resolve your issue in QuickSight? If so, feel free to mark it as a solution. If not, please follow-up with some more details about the issue you are facing and I can try to guide you toward a solution. Thank you!