QuickSight initiated (SP) SSO config for IAM Identity Center

Can you guide me with right configuration to enable SSO at the QuickSight level.
Using AWS IAM Identitycenter (AWS SSO) as IDP provider with users created & managed within IAM Identity center.

I am able to access QuickSight if I login thru AWS user access portal , but am unable to configure SP initiated SSO at the QuickSight level .

Please help me with IDP URL & IDP Redirect URL configuration format in QuickSight

I tried using IDP URL as https://portal.sso.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/saml/assertion/NDM********** and IDP Redirect URL RelayState .

But when I access QuickSIght url directly after giving account name its unable to resolve IDP URL .

Hi @askquestion Welcome to the QuickSight community :slight_smile:

Specifically when using IAM Identity Center (IAM IDC) as the IdP, QuickSight doesn’t support SP initiated SSO. Refer: AWS IAM Identity Center (successor to AWS SSO) Integration Guide for Amazon QuickSight

However, if you use one of the external IdPs within IAM IDC, then you can configure QuickSight (SP) initiated SSO and use the IdP URL and relay state parameter as mentioned here: Setting up service provider–initiated federation with Amazon QuickSight Enterprise edition - Amazon QuickSight

Hope this answers your question, let us know if you have any follow-ups. Thanks!