Quicksight isn't able to ingest data from S3 Buckets with Athena Queries

Quicksight is not able to ingest the data from S3 Buckets with Athena Queries. The datasets were succuessfully ingested initially but when I tried to set up incremental refresh, it began to fail and it no longer refreshes either incremental or fully.

1)Error 1 : The incremental refresh failed to run due to a problem with the configuration: The lookback window column is not valid in your dataset. Please correct this and re-run a full refresh.

I think this issue is resolved.

2)The current error : This is a general SQL error. This can be caused by query, resource constraints, unexpected DDL alterations before or during a query, and other database errors. Check your
database settings and vour querv. and try again.

Query details : Query timeout

The table has 140 million data rows & we have an Enterprise account.

Do i change Query timeout settings or is there something I am missing

When you run the query in Athena does it timeout?

If so, you should look to try and utilize some best practices for performance.

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