QuickSight maps are completely blank

Hi QuickSight users,

I am wondering whether anyone else has experienced the same problem when using a dashboard with maps…

When I use a dashboard with a map on the laptop provided by a company I consult to, I experience the maps completely blank. Dashboard access is set up via “manage permissions page”.

When I use the same dashboard on my own company computer (and every other device for that matter) the maps work fine.

Any thoughts on whether this may be an internal security measures of the company I consult to that may be blocking my access? It seems to load all other visuals just fine expect for the maps. Any ideas in general or work arounds that can help?



Can you please recheck the Maps filter ?

Naveed Ali

I didn’t see the same issue happen before. Agree with Naveed. Can you check the filter applied and share a screenshot?
or you may filing a case with AWS support where we can dive into the details.