Quicksight Mobile App does not show desktop content

Hello I am trying to access the mobile app with the account I use on desktop and I am able to login but no content is showing. Is there anything that needs to be enabled?

Hi Franc3sc0, do you see the landing page after log into the App? Possible to upload a screenshot of what’s on your mobile Quicksight?

Here’s the details about the mobile app: Amazon QuickSight announces the all-new QuickSight Mobile app | AWS Big Data Blog

Hello Sophia, yes I see the landing page but the content is not being synced for some reason so when I open the App it says I don’t have content

Could it be because I am an admin?

Hello Franc,

Please check the user on the top right corner just to make sure its your user id with which you have logged in as in desktop with all relevant access.

Try logging out and re login again. some times i have seen it may take a while to see the content you have access to it in the app. typically it should be quick.

Thanks for check and letting us know.


Hello Deep on desktop when I access with AWS account I have AWSReservedSSO_DataAdministrator_ xxxx / name.surname@xxxx

Now on mobile I access with my company email only because with the long username does not work
What should I try next?

Hello Franc,

Please check similarly on the mobile app just to confirm, if both users are same. if not then i assume the mobile user is different and may need proper access to dashboards.

Let us know your findings if possible with screenshot would be nice.


Hi Franc, please see if this link is useful: I can't see my visuals - Amazon QuickSight

Try to exam if you can access the dataset using QS mobile app. If can, check the limit of dataset and visuals. If your network proxy permit QS mobile server, etc.

Hello everyone and thanks for the help. It looks the problem is with my Admin access which is not reflected when I access QS on the phone , I tested with a Test account (not Admin) and everything is working as expected , do you have any advice on how to access on mobile when on desktop you have your user showing as AWSReservedSSO_DataAdministrator_ xxxx / name.surname@xxxx?

Hello Franc,

Could you try the following in the Mobile browser ? Go to the mobile web browser. Like Chrome/Safari

  1.   Type  https://quicksight.aws.amazon.com/sn/start?enable-sso=1
  2.   Enter account name
  3.   Attempt to authenticate.

This might lead to your identity login page and then pop up to launch quicksight in browser or App, Choose App . let me know if this works.

If it works you can set the face id for MFA

Thank you.

Hey Deep I get an error message that the account is not found … but I cannot understand why with admin account I get this error while with a viewer account everything works fine

Hello Franc,

I would advise to open a support case following here
Explain the assigned engineer about the the issue and they should be able to assist you on that.

thank you.