Quicksight node labels

When using the new Sankey diagram, I wonder if there is a way to show % of traffic for a node. Ex. when I filter for one destination node, I can see 80 coming from one source, 80 from a second source and 40 from a third source. Is there a way to add 80 (40%), 80 (40%), 40 (20%). This is of course a simple example but it would be extremely helpful to be able to see not only the absolute count but also the ratio of how that count relates to other traffic either leaving a source node or arriving at a destination node.

It is not possible at this point in time.
I will share the feature request with the team working on charts in QuickSight so that we can prioritize this feature request in the future.

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Excellent, I have some very promising use cases for this new style of report but in some cases there are many source nodes and I know the first thing I will be asked is if those values can show as % because that’s how a lot of the other reporting works and it will allow them to have an easy reference.