Quicksight not reading all the S3 rows

My quicksight dataset is unable to read all the rows from S3 datasource. The dataset was working fine and one day it did not read all the rows which threw off the charts. There was no change made to the redshift query dumping data into S3 and S3 to QS. I’ve tried changing the delimiters, data format but nothing seem to work. Those rows are excluded from error file too.

I can see all the rows in S3 but not just in QS. What can be the cause for this?

Hi @zaheenc - Welcome to the community!

When you import data, Amazon QuickSight previews a portion of your data. If it can’t interpret a row for any reason, it skips this row.

Fortunately, there’s a limited number of things that can go wrong. Some issues can be avoided by being aware of examples in the user guide. Does this help?

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