Quicksight not showing updated data and has a lag


There are multiple embedded dashboards in my application, each of them backed by their own dataset and RLS. When the same user switches from one dashboard to another, our app code handles the deletion of that user from the existing group (current dashboard) and adding it to the another group (new dashboard).

The new dashboard loads however the visuals give RLS error- “You can’t access this visual because data is restricted”, however after couple of refreshes or re-loading dashboard the data comes up.

Why is this delay caused, Is it due to the same user removed from a group and added to new and it can’t find that in the new RLS dataset of that dashboard?

Hi @Sam1 - Did you try this incognito mode and observe the same issue as well? It looks like the old session was exists and that is why the error is coming out.

By saying that let’s hear from other experts @Max @Jesse @eperts - Any advise from your side.

Regards - Sanjeeb

Hi @Sam1 - It seems like it takes some time for the change to flow through and RLS to take effect. What’s the reason for adding/removing users from groups on-the-fly? Can’t group membership be persisted?

If permissions change often you can implement a hook and perform the necessary updates by reacting to an event.

Thanks for the reply. There is a RLS backed security based on the group name so a user can’t be in more than 1 group in quicksight
Could you share more details about -implement a hook and perform the necessary updates by reacting to an event.