Quicksight pricing

  • Can we normally combine user and session pricing for readers, few users under session and few under reader pricing?
  • For user based pricing, does the user need to be present in QS? So if the users are authenticated via and IDP, is it still possible to have user pricing?
  • If the dashboards are embedded, then session/capacity pricing is the only option. Is that correct?
  1. I don’t believe so
  2. Once they are registered in quicksight they will be accounted for
  3. If you are using anonymous embed then I believe so. However, with registered users it is my understanding that you can still do it for user pricing.

From what I have read and my experience, I agree with all of Max’s answers. This pricing model is disappointing to me. I would really appreciate a hybrid approach in which you could use capacity pricing for anonymous dashboards but Reader/User pricing for dashboards permissioned to authenticated users. In the current model, you could have a small group of users consume most/all of your capacity sessions (ex. 3 sessions a day is ~90 sessions/month). This usage would be capped in the Reader/User pricing model.

It also seems that dashboard sessions as an Author still count toward our capacity sessions. Please let me know if I am wrong about anything I have said and/or you agree with the disappointment of the current pricing models.

It sounds like I was wrong about Author sessions. I received this information from AWS support.

"The service team has confirmed Admin/Authors are not billed based on usage. They are billed a flat rate each month that does not change based on the number of sessions they use. "