QuickSight Q - Generating a Map

Hi, I’ve created a topic that has geo data with longitude, latitude, full address and even a calculated field for zip code. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to generate a map from the Q bar. The map options are always disabled.

What is needed to visualize a map from the Q bar?

You need geospatial for any of the data.

So right now, you would need to reference longitude or latitude in your fields. Can you confirm that those are geospatial data? After that can you show my your Q query with those two in it?

If you want to look at zip code, can you try and move your calculated field for Zip code to the dataset and change the data type to postal code and then try using that?

Thank you. That did the trick. I thought it would pick up the data type automatically. Initially I had created the calculated field in the Topic, but after seeing your screenshot, I went back to the dataset to add it there and once I selected the data type for the lat/lon and zip code fields, I was able to generate geospatial data.

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