Quicksight Q is not interpreting the question correctly

My dataset has origin city, destination city and transit time field

I ask the following question

“Show me the average transit time from Rycroft to Vancouver in the last 180 days”

Q is giving me the average time when the destination is Rycroft or Vancouver

It should be the average time where the origin is Rycroft and the Destination is Vancouver.

How can I fix it?

Hi @pankaj_kushwaha,

The issue is that Q can’t use the words “from” and “to” to determine which one is your origin and which one is your destination. Can you try to set “from” as a synonym for Origin and “to” as synonym for Destination?

Alternatively, try to ask your question this way instead:
“Show me the average transit time with origin Rycroft and destination Vancouver in the last 180 days”

If Q can answer the question when asked that way, you can mark it as verified so that your readers know that’s how they should ask their questions.

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I marked “from” as a synonym for Origin and “to” as a synonym for Destination but it is still not determined


I also asked it differently as you suggested, but it is not determined correctly

What makes this type of question tricky is that the same values can be in both columns (any city can be either a destination or origin).

Let’s try something else. Create a calculated field to get unique values for origin-destination pairs like this and include it in your topic:
concat('from ', {Origin}, ’ to ', {Destination})

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Thanks, @David_Wong - this works. We need to educate the business user to ask this specific question in this way.