Quicksight Q queries runs very slow

I use a non SPICE dataset and I am trying to run Q on the dataset, it take a long time to return the response. How can i optimize it?

Hi @gasowmya ,

Here’s a recent post on how to improve Q performance - How to improve QuickSight Q topic indexing time

Note that one of the recommendations is to use SPICE.

What prevents you from using SPICE?


Hi @gasowmya, Like @wstevens01 mentioned it is best to leverage SPICE to optimize performance. Any specific reason you are not using SPICE?
Also while using direct query dataset, the performance is based on the database you are using and the volume of data that you are trying to process. You may be able to grab the query log for Q questions from your database to debug this further.


I wanted to use SPICE but there is a data limitation and we have ~100M records in our tables and we are unable to import through SPICE. Often our stakeholders use YoY comparison and hence we are not able to cut down the data size

Hello @gasowmya, @Karthik_Tharmarajan , @wstevens01 !

@gasowmya are you still running into this issue, or have you found a solution? If you were able to find a solution could you post here to help the community?

What edition of Quicksight are you using? If you have the enterprise edition you should be able to ingest a table that is 1B rows.

Hello @gasowmya , @Karthik_Tharmarajan , and @wstevens01 !

It has been some time since there has been activity on this question, but we would still like to help find a solution. Are you still running into this problem or were you able to resolve this, and if so could you share the solution to help the community?

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