QuickSight Q Topic Refreshing for long time

QuickSight Q Topic Refreshing for long time. Dataset is very small and its been refreshing for last 1 hr.


Q topic refresh creates an index with unique string values in the dataset and ideally this should not take long. There could be a few reasons for the delay or an issue, can you share more details with me at deepakmu@amazon.com ? (aws account id, dataset id, topic id) we will investigate if there is an issue -

  1. Are you observing this behavior during the initial topic creation time or ongoing refresh?
  2. Is the dataset a SPICE dataset or direct query
  3. If direct query dataset are you able to validate the query and permissions


I have shared the details over mail.

  1. This is for ongoing refresh
  2. Using direct query mode
  3. Yes, I have authored a dashboard with direct query (using Athena)