Quicksight questions

I am trying to ask if follow questions have a better solution:

  1. I added i icon image url to custom visual content in Quicksight and create action to link to info page in dashboard could i hide the info page(entire tab not one visual in the tab) if user did not click on the i icon?
    – My current solution:
    a. put the info page at the end of the dashboard, user can click on i icon to navigate to that page and click on back icon to go back to original page - I create a Demo in UAC detail tab for this option
    b. put info page in a separate dashboard, when user click on the page, it will navigate to another window tab

  2. Can I create a filter to do multi free text search? for example: search for ‘test’ and ‘rx’ for claimtag then it will display all the claimtags contain BOTH ‘test’ and ‘rx’.
    – My current solution: No multi free text search just single free text search

  3. is there a way to create dynamic default value based on another control? I am trying to create a Rolling XX Wk/Month parameter, default to 12 weeks and13 months and trying to create WoWMoM parameter which show relative value of Week/Month control.
    a. I already create a control to switch week and month data and also create a dataset like this below, I am trying to use Rolling Control to show relative value for the Wk/Mo Control.
    Details are here: Can I create a parameter dynamic changed based on another parameter - #2 by ErikG

    – My current solution: default value is 12 for both week and month

   Wk/Mo     WoWMoM              Rolling 
   Week.        WoW                 12
   Month        MoM                 13
  1. Exploring the functionalities to use a filter or control to switch line charts and tables between two data sources in the summary tab. line charts is an unpivot dataset and table is a pivot dataset.
    – My current solution: I dont know

  2. Is there a way to bulk adjust table size or position in Quicksight free layout format?
    – My current solution: Adjust each one manual and it cost a lot of time.

  3. Is there a way to download all tabs as PDF in one click in quicksight? I search for different sources and did not find this option.

  4. Can i add row number in front of multiple measures. Each measure shows as separate row in the QS pivot table.
    – My current solution: create row number in a seperate sheet.

  5. Is there a way to create WoW ONLY for last week in weekly historical trend. I understood we can create WoW for every week. – My Current Solution: create WoW in seperate sheet

  6. Is there a way to create WoW , 6-wk Ag dimension for multi-measures in pivot table? Details are here: Create WoW for multi measures/Calculations in pivot table
    – My Current Solution: WoW use ‘Add table calculation’ Difference, 6-wk Ag: create separate calculations for each metric or unpivot the table

  7. Is there a way to create sparkline for multiple measures in Quicksight? I understood we can create sparkline by using small multiples to separate one measure with different categories.
    – My Current Solution: Unpivot the dataset

Hello @yingkz,

I think it will be very helpful for the community to answer your questions and find solutions for each of them, if you could split this into several posts one question for post.


@andres007 I asked those questions serparated before and @DylanM suggested me to combined them together in one single place

Hello @yingkz, that is my fault. I was working on a few questions with you regarding the WoW calculation and formatting it in table view. I didn’t realize there were questions related to other topics as well. I thought we might be able to put those together into a single question topic to guide the conversation a little better.

Hello @yingkz, for the questions I can give pretty quick answers to, I will post my responses. Then for any of the remaining questions, please post a new topic for each and we can handle those separately. After my response here, I will archive this question, so make sure to start a new question for anything that requires further information.

  1. The way you built this out is likely the best solution currently for this. The only alternative would require your dashboard to be an embedded iframe in an application, where you could exclude a sheet by the sheet ID depending upon a value you are passing in.
  2. This is currently not functionality that is available in QuickSight. You are only able to search for single items or multiple items with the same string value included.
  3. This is another piece of functionality that is not quite available. Again, this is an area where controlling filtering through a custom application and then passing parameter values into an embedded QuickSight would likely be the only way to achieve your desired result. It seems like this is something you and your time might want to start considering to develop this how you are expecting.
  4. This would specifically require utilizing the Free-Form layout. Your parameter-control would determine which of the 2 pre-built visuals would display based on the parameter value selected. You would have 2 visuals, each one using a different dataset, then with the Hide Rule functionality available on free form, you could determine which is displayed.
  5. Not exactly. Normally what I will do in this scenario is build my display how I want on a single sheet, then if I want to continue this format on other sheets, copy the current sheet. Then you can just alter the data being added to the visuals, to maintain the display that you have set up.
  6. This is not currently available in QuickSight. Single sheets can be exported as a PDF or you can use Paginated Reporting and that can be exported.
  7. New Question Here
  8. Based on our conversations on this, your current work-around is likely the best solution. The way that you wanted this to display in the pivot table doesn’t function correctly with your use-case. Utilizing KPIs for this scenario or showing WoW for all weeks seem to be the best alternatives.
  9. This is another area where I think your current work-around is likely the best alternative solution. Depending on where you are in this process, this would be an area where you can post a new topic if you have further questions.
  10. Your current solution also seems like the best option for now, but we can discuss further in another question with some more detail if needed.

I hope this helps with some of the issues you are facing. I’ll keep an eye out for any follow-up questions. Thank you!