Quicksight report dashboard data extract to s3 bucket automatically

Hello Amazon and Quicksight community members
I ahve one query and I need solution before end of month
I have one EOM report, Which I am manually running and extracting data in csv file on every month’s 1st date.
Now next month I will be out of station so, I want to achieve auto extract csv on s3 bucket.
Is there any possibilities to perform my task automatically?
Please hit me questions if you are not getting me

Waiting for your reply.


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Hi @darshana.s - I do not think this feature is available in QuickSight now. You can not export the data to S3 from QuickSight at present. This is something we should request QuickSight team to add as a feature request.

Tagging @Bhasi_Mehta @Karthik_Tharmarajan @Max for their feedback.

Regards - Sanjeeb

I’ll mark it as a feature request.