Quicksight Report is not being updated regularly

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Hope you’re all doing good. Actually I am having issue with my reports not being updated with the latest data. I am using direct query to fetch records from postgres DB. And I have generated reports using the dataset and add filters at the top of it.
The problem is the query returns the latest records from db whenever it is being called but I am not being able to see the records of today in my report. I have added the date filter as well which only shows that records are present till previous date and today’s records are not in the report.

Is there a way we can solve this issue for the reports in quicksight?

Following is the report ss which shows the latest records are from previous date:

Hello @musama,

If you are doing a direct query I see no reason why the dashboard will show only past days.

Just to make sure you are getting all the data from the database, can you create a new visual, without any filter to make sure the data is not getting into QuickSight?

Please let us know how it went!

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Hey @andres007 ,
I have added datetime filter to get the records between two dates. but we are getting all the records till date when I disable the filter.

That is the issue that when using date filter it does not fetch the today’s records.


Hi @musama,

Are you using date/time for the end date? If this is the case, it is possible that they are not showing because the time used for the end is 00:00:00, which leaves out actually every time of the day.


You can use this on the parameter to make sure it takes always the last time of the day.


This should give you an outcome like this.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks @andres007 I just changed the parameter time format to day and it shows all the records.

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