Quicksight Report Ownership Reassignment

There are several PIVT Telemetry reports that are currently assigned to an unknown owner. With no luck, I’ve personally connected with PIT Category, WHS and our internal PIVT to identify ownership and to ensure routine updates are occurring. How does one request a Quicksight ownership reassignment?

@David_Walmsley, You can approach this in couple of ways
1/ If you know which dashboards need permission update, you can use describe-dashboard-permissions CLI to check who currently has access to this dashboard and what permissions and then you can use update-dashboard-permissions to grant and revoke permission to users/groups/account.

See below a sample update dashboard permissions CLI command - $AAI is aws-account-id and $region is account region.
aws quicksight update-dashboard-permissions --aws-account-id $AAI --dashboard-id dff48f32-qwe12321-4434234weqew0 --grant-permissions Principal=arn:aws:quicksight:$region:$AAI:group/default/test-groupname,Actions=quicksight:DescribeDashboard,quicksight:ListDashboardVersions,quicksight:UpdateDashboardPermissions,quicksight:QueryDashboard,quicksight:UpdateDashboard,quicksight:DeleteDashboard,quicksight:UpdateDashboardPublishedVersion,quicksight:DescribeDashboardPermissions

You can take the same approach to update the analysis permissions.

2/ If you know the user but do not know all the assets that user owns then you can use the search-analyses — AWS CLI 2.7.21 Command Reference and search-dashboards — AWS CLI 2.7.21 Command Reference to identify all the analysis and dashboard owned by that users. Once you have this list, you can update each analysis/dashboard permissions using step 1 approach

Hope this helps.

Thank you