QuickSight Scatter Plots: Understanding Limitations and Data Point Display Rules

Could you please provide information regarding the limitations of QuickSight’s scatter plots? I intend to display sales and profits for each product on the X and Y axes, respectively, using a scatter plot. I have also configured it to view the status of a particular store through control filters.

However, I have noticed that when I select a store with a large variety of products sold and try to display them, some data points are not visible. I would like to display approximately 500 data points in such cases. The documentation mentions a maximum data point limit of 2500, but are there any additional limitations when used in conjunction with filters or due to color categories? If some data points are not displayed due to any limitations, I would like to know the rules governing which data points are displayed.

Thank you.

Hi @Shuto
Does this happen when you try to plot non-aggregated data or for the aggregated data?


It was non-aggregated data.

Hello @Shuto, is this a problem you are still experiencing? I tried to do some testing on my end but cannot seem to replicate the issue. I also am not seeing anything in the documentation about the limit to the number of options you can have in the color or label field well, but I have been able to add a lot.

Is it possible the filter you created is somehow filtering out some of the data you wanted to display? If you are able to attach a screenshot of the visual, and explain what is not being shown, we may be able to come to a solution.

The current way QuickSight limits the number of points displayed in a scatter plot is less than ideal and confusing. QuickSight sets limits per field which results in users seeing less than 2500 points even if data has exactly 2500 points.

Current scatterplot data limit

  1. Aggregated scenario - 2500 max data point limit with 25 for color fields and 100 for label field well (25x100=2500)
  2. Unaggregated scenario - 2500 max data point limit with 50 for each X and Y axis(50x 50=2500)

QuickSight team is currently working on improving the current mechanism to limit the data points displayed in the scatter plot.

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Hello @Tatyana_Yakushev, thanks for sharing this information!

Here at AWS, our roadmap is primarily driven by our customers, so your feedback is greatly appreciated. Since this is something the team is currently working to improve, I will go ahead and mark this topic as a feature request.

If @Shuto or @Tatyana_Yakushev have any follow-up questions, please let me know. Otherwise I can archive this question and you can post a new topic in the community to be at the top of the priority list for a response from one of our QuickSight experts since we prioritize questions with 0 replies. Thank you!

Hello @Shuto, I will go ahead and archive this feature request topic since we have not heard back. Hopefully the feedback has helped guide you towards a work-around for the issue you are facing. If you want to reopen this, please link this original post in your QuickSight community question so our experts can give you the best guidance possible. Thank you!