Quicksight SSO Configuration with Google Workspace

Dear Team,

I am trying to configure SSO for Quicksight users. I have configured with below the setting.


IdP redirect URL parameter

While i login with sso using below the url


Able to see in the Google Workspace SAML Log. It's properly authenticate and redirected but in Quicksight page again asking the username and password.

Hi @Saravanan, Is your IDP initiated SSO working fine(If you click on QuickSight application from within google workspace)? You can refer to below document on how to setup IDP initiated flow.

For SP initiated flow you can refer to below link.

Can you also share a screenshot of SSO configuration page from your QuickSight account?


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Hi Karthik,

Seems above the document for login the users via AWS Management Console. But i require only for quicksight. Users don’t have login in AWS IAM and we have created the users in Quicksight itself.

Below the screenshot for your reference. Please help to proceed further.

 Thank you so much for your support.

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Saravanan V A

@Saravanan : If users are created in QuickSight, then they would login using username and password.
If users are created in google workspace , then they would login in google workspace and federate into QuickSight. If it is an SP initiated flow , then opening the quicksight link would reroute them to google workspace link, they login and are redirected back to QuickSight.

In this scenario, the user created in QuickSight is different than the user federating from google workspace.

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