QuickSight "Stacked bar combo chart" as percentage


I am searching for a solution to have percentages in the stacked bar combo chart. So my idea is to have a YTD bar chart, showing information on a weekly basis. Every bar should contain information for one week. In that bar chart, I want to have a split for a specific value (therefore the stacked bar chart) but not as a number. I want to have it as a percentage. And every bar should have 100%.
Also I am using this chart because I want to have every bar different size, depending on the total numbers in that specific week.
I tried using the percent of total, but that distributes the percentage over the year, what I don’t want. Is there any other function I could use?

Thanks in advance!

I guess a single stacked % bar chart should do the needful where each week is a separate bar and you have values stacked up to display 100% total for each week. What I’m not clear is why would you need bars of different sizes if you want to show 100% as a total for each bar? Also, since you mentioned combo chart, what is the other values(line series).

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