QuickSight State Persistence and Bookmarks for embedded dashboards

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I am trying to add the bookmark option in my web application as per this link [Amazon QuickSight now supports State Persistence and Bookmarks for embedded dashboards] but I am not able to see bookmark Icon. Please help.

my code is below

var quicksightClient = new AmazonQuickSightClient(

            BookmarksConfigurations bookmarks = new BookmarksConfigurations { Enabled = true };

            StatePersistenceConfigurations statePersistenceConfigurations = new StatePersistenceConfigurations { Enabled = true };

            RegisteredUserDashboardFeatureConfigurations registeredUserDashboardFeatureConfigurations = new RegisteredUserDashboardFeatureConfigurations
                Bookmarks = bookmarks,
                StatePersistence = statePersistenceConfigurations,

            RegisteredUserDashboardEmbeddingConfiguration registeredUserDashboardEmbeddingConfiguration
            = new RegisteredUserDashboardEmbeddingConfiguration
                InitialDashboardId = dashboardId,
                FeatureConfigurations = registeredUserDashboardFeatureConfigurations

            RegisteredUserEmbeddingExperienceConfiguration registeredUserEmbeddingExperienceConfiguration
            = new RegisteredUserEmbeddingExperienceConfiguration
                Dashboard = registeredUserDashboardEmbeddingConfiguration

            string url = quicksightClient.GenerateEmbedUrlForRegisteredUserAsync(new GenerateEmbedUrlForRegisteredUserRequest
                AwsAccountId = accountId,
                ExperienceConfiguration = registeredUserEmbeddingExperienceConfiguration,
                UserArn = usrARN,
                SessionLifetimeInMinutes = 100


Hi @Saveen ,

You would need to enable it as well in your application code when embedding the url in the iframe : amazon-quicksight-embedding-sdk - npm ( look for toolbarOptions )

Screenshot 2023-06-28 at 16.08.29


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Hi @Koushik_Muthanna

Thanks for replying

I have one more problem, if I am using iframe dashboard is loading but when I am using javascript sdk dashboard is not loading, Please see this link EmbedUrl not working