Quicksight UI Experts

I’ve recently had a freelancer help complete visualizations/dashboards within Quicksight. I’m looking for someone who specializes more in the UI/customization of these dashboards/visualizations to make it look better (colors, layout, customization, etc.). Looking for partners specializing in making visualizations look better in terms of UI and customization (don’t need assistance creating the actual visuals as they are already done)? Below are some examples of what I know to be possible but looking for an expert in this domain.

If you are going to embed the dashboard into an application, you can get something like THIS by using the QuickSight SDK.

I would also recommend taking a look at the “free form layout” option in QuickSight to create more personalized dashboards like this example 1 .

If interested, please email me at mike@leadscope(dot)io thanks!


Thank you for reaching out. We have a list of partners that can be found here in the event that that helps. Amazon QuickSight Partners