🚀 QuickSight User Groups - What would you like to see?

Hey community! We are exploring future possibilities for QuickSight User Groups!

Comment below to let us know what you would like to see (formats, topics covered, online, in-person, etc.). Also, if you are interested in pioneering one of these groups, we’d love to know that too! Thanks! :slight_smile: :rocket:

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Thanks @Kristin for this initiative. Yes this is definitely require for all of us and I would like to part of one of the user group. From my prospective, a user group should have the below details.

  1. Online is good, this way anyone can join the group from any corner of the world and everyone can join easily and it will also save lots of infra arrangements. However there should be “in-person” meeting may be every month and at least every quarter. In person meeting are really beneficial in exchange the ideas and explore different topics as well . In-person meets are surely strengthen the user group.
  2. In meeting there are many types of audience will be there ( beginner, intermediate, advance). So the topics needs to be selected properly and communicate in advance so that right people can take the benefit. For QuickSight, it will be good there should be some demos from beginner to advance level and some use case can be presented so that end audience will get concepts and understand tools very well.
  3. Feed backs should be taken in terms of improvements on the product. How a different user groups like data analyst, bi analyst or report developer use this tool and what are the current gaps looking at the other tools available in the market like tableau and power BI.
  4. Give away like free credits, voucher, swag. Many people may join as well but its not mandate.
  5. From my experience a good planning on topics like
    a) what is QuickSight, feature and functionality.
    b) Hands on Lab
    c) Use cases, demo some use cases.
    d) How QuickSight integration with other AWS services via Usecase.
    e) CI/CD in QuickSight.
    f) cloud intelligence dashboard - a definite topic.
    g) how a user can do hands on QuickSight - Kind of play ground if AWS can provide during the meet up.

The user group can shaped and polished with time, a start is require :slight_smile:

Tagging other active members as well
@Max @David_Wong @Biswajit_1993 @Tatyana_Yakushev @Bhasi_Mehta @thomask @Thomas for their expert advice.

Regards -San


Great feedback @Sanjeeb2022! :slight_smile:

Community, share your voice and let us know how user groups can best serve you!

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Would love to see how other organize their account structures like groups, shared folders, datasets, etc. Best practices on managing analyses and dashboards.


As a new user to QuickSight but not to data visualization, I would love “approach” or “set up” based discussions for how people plan to build a visual or dashboard.

Assuming AWS is tracking how often different features are being, I would also like to see what features you think are being under utilized.


Thanks for the feedback @particlepat!

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Thank you for sharing this, @jl-thirdwave!

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the summits could be used to create “regional” user groups, and the re:invent would also be a good opportunity to meet up.
Otherwise online or hybrid meetings will get more attention from the community.

I would like to discuss use cases or implementations of new features.

Maybe we get more information about whats on the roadmap and could give feedback, which features are important to us.


Good ideas! Thank you, @thomask!

Hi @Kristin I think @Sanjeeb2022 mentioned all the point in details.

Apart from all that, one suggestion from my side, Can we create one drop down like Most Repetitive Question, where all the menu options available. Because what happened now I have seen most of the communities member asked the same Question repetitive times but they didn’t get the solution at right time they wait others for the solution.

Instead of that if it is possible to add the query into 'Most Repetitive Question ** section (like more than 1 times asked in the community)**. So they can go the Most Repetitive Question section and find out the solution.

Thanks & Regards
Biswajit Dash


Since we already have the questions and answers section of the site, I wonder if we should use the user groups to cover more general topics like the things we like about QuickSight, our pain points and share ideas/tips.


Thanks @David_Wong . Great idea indeed.

Regards - San

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I would love to learn more about other user’s use cases. This might be difficult as users obviously have to avoid sharing sensitive data, but I would be very interested to know what others are using quicksight for, and how they decided on this tool.


Hi all - Today’s community session is really awesome. Yes, I really loved the session. It is well organized, lots of learning and good to see and interact with experts. Please find my feedback for today’s session.

1/ Did you like today’s User Group – Yes/No - No doubt 100% Yes.
2/ What would you like to see more of in a QuickSight User Group?

In coming days, we can take any particular use case and do a e2e demo in the community from basic to advance level for QuickSight audience.

3/ Also, let us know if you may be interested in leading a User Group.
Yes, love to lead a community group and explore, share and interact with QuickSight experts in coming days.

As learning is a continuous process, really looking forward to learn from each of you.
@Kristin - A big thank you for arranging the session and awesome interaction.
@David_Wong - Good to see you mate and looking forward to interact with you in coming days.
@Naveed - Kudos to you sir and thank you so much for sharing your experience and insight on QuickSight tools.
@Tatyana_Yakushev - Great details how to start QuickSight as beginners.
@thomask - Great details and very good discussion in fact.
@Maitri0094 - Thanks for arranging such awesome session.
@n_vetri - Waiting for coming days, very cool tips and lots of learning in coming days.
@AnwarAli - Well articulated all details, really awesome to interact with you.
@saunakchandra - Great details on new features of QuickSight and looking forward to associate with QuickSight team in coming days.
@Jill_Florant - A big thank you to explain in details on QuickSight from Business prospective. From an user prospective all I can say you have a great team.

We have only 10 users to mention but all people are awesome and I really enjoyed the session.

Once again “Thank you” and looking forward to upcoming sessions.

Regards - Sanjeeb