QuickSight Users vs IAM Users - Pricing & Provisioning?


I have a number of questions around pricing and provisioning of users.

  1. I’m assuming that if you create a user inside QuickSight, there’s a cost, and that cost varies depending on if they are a Reader or an Author. Correct?

  2. Is there a cost for an IAM/federated user that is accessing QuickSight?
    1a. As a Reader?
    1b. As an Author?

  3. If you opt to use Capacity pricing for users, do you also need to actively add and remove users from QuickSight?

  4. In general, I don’t understand why QS has its own set of user credentials. Pros/cons? Requirements for certain scenarios?

I may be making some incorrect assumptions and/or missing key questions, but I found the docs to be light on these topics.

This would make for a useful article and/or video.

Thanks for any insight!

You can refer to QuickSight Pricing.
For #1 and #2, yes, cost varies between a Reader and an Author whether the user is created inside QuickSight or federated through an IDP or IAM.
For #3, Capacity pricing goes by sessions for readers and you are not required to create readers actively.
QiuckSight provides options for customers of all types including ISVs, enterprise, small business and more. Not all customers will prefer or have IDP and hence QuickSight empowers those customers with user/group provisioning within QuickSight.
Hope this help.
Thank you