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Hi Team,
How to remove Total field in chart, for example I added data like completed, pending and overall here I am also getting total(by default added by chart- waterfall) which is invalid. Issue is over all = completed and pending hence Total added by chart is Completed,pending,overall which is not required/invalid.

Tried other chart which does not suite the requirement because in this data cut i do not have x axis or y axis value.

Thank you in advance.

That’s just how a waterfall chart works. I’d recommend just using a table to display your values. It’ll give you a clear view of the data without over-complicating anything

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Thank you and is it possible to sort data in this chart?

I have shared a similar post already. Please refer the same. That should help you.

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Thank you for the detail instruction. In my waterfall chart I clicked on pencil edit and found only Y axis - under that there is no option called sort to select or unselect. Available options are :- 1.Show labels 2. Show grid lines 3.Axis step.

Wierd! Can you please share a expanded snapshot of the same? Quicksight being a cloud native service, we all should be seeing the same interface I believe. I hope you have values under “category” and “value” field wells .

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Attaching the screenshot.

Thanks @nandu for sharing. I see that instead of breaking down a single metric by “Category” you are putting multiple measures under “Value” field well. If you see that’s why you don’t have anything under “Category” field well and 4 measures under “Value” field well. Hence, I believe in your case the sorting will be controlled by in which order you are organizing those measures in the “Value” field well. See the below snapshot for more detail.

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Hi Good evening,

Yes, above step works for the data and thank you for the input. But if the data keep on update every day/ week then it should be re arranged manually right?

When you say, data get updated, if there’s a new measure that means your dataset metadata is getting changed (i.e. addition of column). In that case, you have to manually add and adjust its position. However, if underlying data is getting refreshed and you still end up having those 3 or 4 measures (that you projected in Waterfall chart), then there’s no need to do any manual tweaking. Hope, this makes sense! Thank you!

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Metadata remains same(no additional column added) but only new data under same column will be added hence total number of each existing data will update every week.

Thank you so much for the support.

You are welcome! I am glad that I could help you. It would be awesome if you can close the other thread (which is similar in nature) as well marking the suggestion as solution to ensure that we don’t have any unresolved orphan thread. Thank you!

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