QuickSight VPC Connection

We have a VPC enabled RDS read replica database, now I am trying to connect QuickSight to this database and followed this article to setup VPC connection for QuickSight.

After this setup I tried adding new Datasets using MySQl/MariaDB but there’s no successful connection. What am I missing here? Or there an other steps that I need to take?

BTW we have QuickSight enterprise version

Thanks in advance.

Hello @Manoj_Virigineni, since you have QuickSight enterprise edition, it might be worth filing a case with AWS Support where we can dive into the details further. Here are the steps to open a support case.

My initial thought is that you need to configure the permissions within RDS to allow the data to be passed into QuickSight if all permissions are set up on the QuickSight console. One of these links below may provide some more information:

Hello @DylanM, Thanks for your response and I will try opening a support case.

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Hello @Manoj_Virigineni, let me know if you have any remaining questions after speaking with support. Hopefully they are able to guide you towards a solution. Thank you!

Hello @DylanM Sure, I will let you know. Thanks.