QuickSight VS Tableau

Hi QuickSight team,

As we continue to encourage our customers to leverage QuickSight, we received some feedbacks from customers in terms of QuickSight limitations and comparison between QuickSight and Tableau.

Could you help me understand and clarify all of these questions listed by our customers.
Based on my experience using QuickSight, I don’t think following limitations are completely true. But we need help from experts of QuickSight team to provide more detail infomoration to better communicate with our customers.

Part 1:
Amazon Quicksight has below limitations

  • Filters doesn’t work properly -
  • No drilldowns in pivot tables.
  • Can display only 1000 records
  • Can’t rename the labels of the fields / headers / Legends.
  • Basic functionalities like count of distinct and few window functions are missing.
  • Doesn’t Support box plot, Gantt Chart & Geo maps.
  • We can’t have multiple sites in Amazon Quicksight for separation of content.

Part 2:
1.QuickSight does not have ability to handle multiple data sources and merge them within Tableau (e.g. merging a txt file with an SQL query).
2. Tableau has more options regarding the look and feel of the dashboards.
3.In Quicksight we have to pay more to use more than the permitted 10GB size of caching storage

Hi huangsn,

Thank you for reaching out to us. We definitely can help you in a different settings with few meetings. Is there an AWS account team you are working with? If so, please reach out to them to have a meeting with QuickSight Specialist team so that your questions/concerns are addressed.

Thank you

No, there is no AWS account team that I am working on right now.

How can I reach out to QuickSight Specialist team?