QuickSight - X axis Order for Line Chart

I’ve created one visual by line chart and set X axis as region. There have several region IDs, I’d want to showcase region ID “WW” in the left of X axis.

Is there any good practice can be shared? Thanks a lot!


Its is simple just add a filter on visual and exclude the “WW” region.
Rest will be shown :slight_smile:



Thanks for your kind reply!

My problem description may have confusion:)

The Xaxis is referring to “Region” and the regions are ordered by descending. [Region IDs are text, not number]

I could only find sort options as “descending” or “ascending”, which works for number, not text.

How can I make sure region ID “WW” always ordered in the left or the Xaxis[ always be the first one]?

While I select “descending” or “ascending” to sort it, “WW” can’t be always ordered in the left.

Please question me if any confusion.

Thank you!

@Naveed Could you please help on this? Thank you!

Ideally the Region ID should be integer. if possible for you you can changes its datatype. or add an additional filed to covert it in number using the QS conversion function. (if region id contain numbers only :slight_smile: )

Secondly, you can add an additional key as a number for each region.

The limitation of text column you already known.

Naveed Ali

Naveed Ali

Hi @Naveed

well noted, the region IDs are better showcasing as it is( its not integer and no number, its string, such as US), we would want to find a way to order the regions in QuickSight.

I will take this as no such option to show as the order can only used for numbers(“descending” or “ascending”)

Thank you so much!

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Hi @liu_weiwei

you are always welcome


Hi @liu_weiwei, We hope @Naveed solution worked for you.
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