Rank function errors


I want to rank sfdc accountid by '{recommendation for customer} ASC, and {incremental_revenue_csm} DESC.

here is my formular: rank([{recommendation for customer} ASC,{incremental_revenue_csm} DESC]).
The calculated field is working fine if I have only 1 column in the rank calculated field.

But I got error messges that: Table Calculation attribute referneces are missing in field wells

I have all the field used in the rank added to the table. Can you please help?

Additional info for your references:

incremental_revenue_csm is a column from original dataset.

I simply want to sort the table by 2 columns, recomendation for customer and incremental revenue csm. please let me know if there are other ways to achieve it.

Hi @Cindy

what if using only one column as rank? will the visual work that way?

To rank by two columns you could create two different rank (A & B) and calcualate the AVG. Could work in theory. :wink:


Thanks for your reply. But in my case, I need to first sort the table by column’ recommendation for customer’ in acending order, the datatype is string. After that sort by incremnetal revenue in acending order.So I can not calculate the avg in my case. Can you please help?


Hi @Cindy
could you please share some sample data?

i tried to think about it but got lost.

Following table:
You can sort sales_district asc and quantity asc. How should it work/look?


please check the screenshot.
Recommendation is ‘recommendation for customer’
Succes Metric Incremental revenue is ’ incremental_revenue_csm’
sorting logic requested by users : Sort first by “Remove”, then sort low to high on the Success Metric

Hey @ErikG , checking if you have any updates here? Sry for bugging you. But we are planning to release the dashboard early next week.

Any insights will be much appreciated.


Hi @Cindy

what i was thinking about is


  1. build a rank for the recommendation
  2. build a rank for the metric
  3. sum both rank and divide by 2


It is working! Thank you so much!

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