Raw (Granular) Data Download - Based on Filter Values in Report

It appears that in AWS Quicksight, there is no option to download the raw granular data from the report based on the filter values.
This is a feature provided in Tableau, where a user could download either the Summarized data as seen on the report or even the underlying granular data (Full Data Download) and based on the values selected in the filters.
For instance, if Month selected is July 2023, it would be nice if there was an ability to download all the data for the Month of July 2023 (from the underlying datasource).

Looks like this feature does not exist in AWS Quicksight.
Please advise.

Hello @Sheldon_Dsouza !

Have you checked out Scheduling and sending reports by email?

To my knowledge Quicksight does not have a have a way to directly download a CSV from a dashboard or report, but you can create tables and automate your Sheet to send email with PDFs and CSVs.

Is this close to what you were looking for?

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But, will this allow a user to download all the underlying Raw data based on filter values selected?
I see there is an option already to download into csv / excel sheet - for the summarized table metrics.
But, not the complete raw data (without the aggregated metrics) so that users can see whats the data behind the metrics displayed.
Its something thats available with Tableau, but not sure about AWS Quicksight.

It sounds like you want all the columns that are present in the dataset but only for the rows included by your filters. That’s not supported in QuickSight. QuickSight can only export data from a visual.

As a workaround, you can create a table visual that contains all the columns of your dataset. You can apply your filters to all visuals, including the table of raw data. After setting a filter, you can export the data from the table visual.