Re-Slams calculations


I am currently looking into Re-Slams at my FC. I can not find anything on this sight that has data about how many Re-Slams there are and how much the average Re-Slam costs. The closest thing that I have gotten was Lumin, however the problem with Lumin is that it only shows Re-Slams that end up being DEA misses. But not every Re-slam is a DEA miss. I was wondering if anyone had any idea where I could find this information or if it does not exist?

Thank you!


Thanks for reaching out. I think we are going to need more detail to better understand your question. Can you describe more about your data and the dashboard you are trying to build or are using?


A dashboard similar to cost of late slams but for Re-Slams. My objective is to find Re-Slams that come from smartpac and poly so I can calculate the amount of money that we are losing from those areas just off of Re-Slam. quicksight tool called Lumin is closest thing I currently have but it only shows Re-Slams that were missed DEAs. A dashboard the gives me details about my site and other sites Re-Slam average cost, how many come from each process bath, box type, cost per package, cost per unit, # of packages, # of units.

You’ll need to provide more context as to what your dashboards look like or what you are trying to accomplish. We don’t have access to your dashboards.