React Integration for Embed Quick Sight Dashboard Download Action

Hello There,

I have the quick sight dashboard embedded in react application. and I have the column Download URL on click of it downloads the report from s3 bucket.
I want to call an API on click on the download icon and want to capture the response and take action in react code and download the file using react code.

Please find the screenshot below for reference:

Please help on how to capture the click action from Embedded quick sight dashboard and perform some action.

Thank you in advance.

Sonal Jain

Hi @sonalJain
if i got it right. You could combine the download url with the API url.
Or you would you do it without QuickSight?

Hello @ErikG,

I am trying to do it without Quick Sight. Instead of download URL I need to call the API and using the response of the API call, i want to perform action in react code using the response.

Thanks & Regards,
Sonal Jain

@sonalJain ,

Following callback actions currently supported : Add embedded callback actions at runtime in Amazon QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight

The blog also walks through an example : Build a seamless interaction between your application and embedded Amazon QuickSight dashboards and visuals using embedded callback actions | AWS Business Intelligence Blog