Real-time dashboards with direct query mode

I want to create a dashboard that shows fresh DynamoDB data that comes in real-time. Using direct query mode for the dataset, the concept worked for low number of incoming events.
Now, having event rate at ~10 events / second, and after refreshing the dashboard just once, I need to wait for several minutes until I see the following on both of my visuals (a table and a bar chart:

The total data at the time of making the screenshot should amount to 2-3k of events.
What I would like to ask is:

  1. how to make the data displayable on demand?
  2. what are Quicksight DOs and DON’Ts when implementing this sort of semi-realtime dashboards?


It all depend on your database configuration. How much time taking to respond QS.
Filters are also the overhead on direct query. Every click generate a query for dB engine.

You can use the schedule refresh with minute work with 15 minimum. This feature available in Enterprise versions of QS.

Naveed Ali

Thanks. The point, still, is to make data refreshes on-demand instead of scheduled. There are two filters applied.
By database configuration, do you mean read throughput of the Dynamo table?

database configuration means the hardware database is using. You need to check, what’s QS query took the CPU/RAM etc of your database server.

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