Really big default column width in tables

When I make a table I frequently have an issue where the columns are really wide. It’s always the columns that contain a lot of text, but the width is much greater than the largest text value in the table. The thing is I don’t see a way to manually set the column width or a limit to the column width. To resize them, I have to scroll to the edge of the column and repeatedly click and drag it over to the left. It’s really annoying.

Is there really no way to just manually set column width? If no, why not?

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Hello, there is currently no option to manually set the table column width, however we will take this under consideration for future enhancements to the table visual.

Hi Jan,

How can we add our vote for this future enhancement. Quicksight is unusable for tables with a lot of data as the column width expands to wider than the screen.


Hi Jan,

As above. Is there any update on this feature request?

Some of my visuals are unusable as the column width just keep defaulting to a width too wide to use and manually dragging them all to a correct width doesn’t keep them that way when the page is reloaded.

It happens for me but after I change the column width the first time, QuickSight remembers it and I don’t have to change it again. Does it get reset for you?

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Hey Jan,

Same that @cwoodford was asking, how could we +1 this feature so that hopefully it gets prioritised?


Hi All, you can reach out to your account manager to have them add a +1 to the existing feature request. Please include as much use case information as possible. Thank you.

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