Recommendations for Google Analytics Import?

Can anyone recommend the best way to bring in Google Analytics data? There are a few different recommendations out there, and the tools may have moved on since then.
I would prefer not use use Data Studio (is that a banned phrase here :wink:) since our company is very AWS-centric, thinking about ease of connecting other data sources.

Google Analytics into AWS - Easily ingest and analyze Google Analytics data with Upsolver and Amazon AppFlow | AWS Big Data Blog - 3rd party tool helps create schema
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It can be tricky to extract data from Google Analytics because the APIs don’t allow us to extract event-level data. It would be great to just extract page_views or visitors, but that option is available only on the paid tier of Google Analytics, which carries a hefty price tag. Therefore, the data we’ll be working with is rolled up into an aggregated format.

The gateway to your Google Analytics data is the Google Core Reporting API, which lets you make calls to retrieve data.

the best practice for analyzing Google Analytics data in Amazon QuickSight is to store that data inside a data warehousing platform alongside data from your other databases and third-party sources. You can find instructions for doing these extractions for leading warehouses on our sister sites Google Analytics to Redshift, Google Analytics to BigQuery, Google Analytics to Azure Synapse Analytics, Google Analytics to PostgreSQL, Google Analytics to Panoply, and Google Analytics to Snowflake.

Easier yet, however, is using a solution that does all that work for you. Products like Stitch were built to move data automatically, making it easy to integrate Google Analytics with Amazon QuickSight. With just a few clicks, Stitch starts extracting your Google Analytics data, structuring it in a way that’s optimized for analysis, and inserting that data into a data warehouse that can be easily accessed and analyzed by Amazon QuickSight.