Recorded link for custom sql webinar


I would like to get access to the recorded session from March 8th about “How to use Custom SQL in QuickSight: 2023 QuickSight Learning Series” webinar.


Hi @abiraami You can find previous Learning Series recordings here. The Custom SQL one is not available yet (as at 9th March), but it should be available in the next few days. Thanks for your interest in the Learning Series and hope you find future sessions useful as well.

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Hi, @abiraami

Are you referring to the below webinar


Hi @abiraami! You can access the recording of the weekly Learning Series webinars in one of two places:

  1. In the Learning Center / Workshop section of the QuickSight Community (specifically, you can find the Custom SQL webinar here).

  2. As Vignesh, mentioned above, you can also find the weekly Learning Series webinars on the QuickSight YouTube channel.