Records different in data prep phase & analysis

I have a few records that are showing up normally in the data prep phase, but one of the columns turns into an empty string in the analysis for whatever reason. Any ideas why this might happen and what I can do to prevent it?

data prep window, notice that the customer type is always MBR

analysis, now the customer type is an empty string for the first three months and I am unsure why. The values for every other column in those rows are still correct.

I’ve refreshed the analysis window several times, not sure what is causing this to happen.

Hmm that seems strange. I dont have any ideas off the top of my head, but maybe if you can attach a cleansed sample of your data (with no personal info or business critical info) we can try to reproduce it and see if it might be a bug.

I just figured it out. Every night I do an incremental refresh of the last 7 days. All 12 of those records were previously blank, and changed to MBR yesterday. Since the dates they occurred were more than 7 days ago for the first 3 records they did not get updated while the other months did. I changed my settings to do a full refresh nightly. It still seems odd to me that in the preview window they appeared to be updated when they actually weren’t. But regardless it’s solved now. Thanks for looking into this!

Aha! That makes sense. Glad you figured it out!!

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