Redshift Cluster connectivity with Quicksight

Hello Everyone,

I have created a RedShift cluster inside a VPC, I am trying to connect it to the AWS Quicksight service.

I am using the link given below to enable access to RedShift for Quicksight.

In the above link I am refering to the “Manually enabling access to an Amazon Redshift cluster in a VPC” section, where I am creating a new security group
with inbound rule to allow Redshift access using Quicksight CIDR Address used for us-east-1 region where my Redshift cluster is located.

Additionaly the cluster is set enabled to be accesed via public network as that’s what is required for AWS quicksight to connect in Standard edition.

After creating a new security group and assigning it to Cluster, when I try to create a new dataset using RedShift autodiscovery option,
I am facing the below given error:

Error details
Amazon Error setting/closing connection: SocketTimeoutException.

Please note that I am using the “Standard Edition” of AWS Quicksight.

Can anyone provide any solution around this.

Hi Jigar,

Please follow these sequence of steps -

  1. Login to QuickSight console as an admin → Manage QuickSight from top right user icon → Security & Permissions → QuickSight Access to AWS Services list includes Amazon Redshift as service. If not then add Redshift to the list by clicking Manage and selecting Redshift from the list
  2. Required Redshift DB permission as specified Required permissions - Amazon QuickSight
  3. Network and database configuration requirement - Network and database configuration requirements - Amazon QuickSight
  4. Authorize connections from QuickSight to Amazon Redshift - this link you already have mentioned in your post


Thanks Deepak.

I will try and let you know the results.

Hi, @Jigar! We hope that Deepak’s solution worked for you. If so, we would love it if you could help the community out by marking his answer as ‘Solution.’ If not, please let us know if we can help further. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: