Refresh all datasets on my account simultaneously

Hi, is there a comand to refresh all my datasets on spice at the same time? I had to do a one time refresh for all the datasets I had because of an emergency. However, I had to do this manually because I couldn’t wait for the scheduled refreshes.

Please let me know!

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Hi @mateoleon210 - You can do this by a programmatic approach using QuickSight API boto3. You can develop a python script which will essentially do the below steps.

  1. List all data sets - Please refer the boto3 documentation - list_data_sets - Boto3 1.26.114 documentation.
  2. Once you will get the data sets, you can use create ingestion api to refresh the data set - Please see the documentation link - create_ingestion - Boto3 1.26.114 documentation

Hope the above details will help you.

Regards - San

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