Refresh and connectivity Issues

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Agenda: I need to get a refreshed quick sight dashboard.

What I have done : I have db dump at s3 and I am crawling data from s3 to aws glue catalogue database.
i am able to use Athena queries on the same database. When i am trying to use athena as my data source in quick sight its giving me option custom sql query(that is working fine for me) this dataset is not allowing me to refresh data which is problem for me. here is overall connectivity i am using:

S3 Data → Crawling and adding to catalogue DB → Athena workgroup → Quick sight data source as Athena → quick sight Analysis

I would really appreciate if someone can help if there is any better approach or there is problem with this one.

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When you are using a Direct Query, the dashboard is refreshed every time you load it because it triggers a new query.

Have you tried to use SPICE? It is faster because you are periodically loading the data in SPICE (in-memory data) and you can set the desired frequency (up to 15 minutes with incremental refresh) when the data will be refreshed:

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Hello JoseB-aws,

Thank you so much for your answer. I am sorted now.

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