Refresh dataset with more flexible schedule


I was wondering if it is possible to have a more flexible refresh for the dataset…

Right now it is possible to do 15 minutes for incremental, but for example I would like to stop this query during the time 00-4:30 since nothing is happening during this time

Thank you

you may consider using an event driven approach. Refresh can be invoked by API. So, you may trigger data refresh when the source data is ready.
Regarding the event driven approach, it is leverage other AWS services such as EventBridge to trigger the event. You may refer to below blog post. There is a CloudFormation available as well if you want to try hands-on

Blog: Event-driven refresh of SPICE datasets in Amazon QuickSight | AWS Big Data Blog
API: CreateIngestion - Amazon QuickSight


Hello @remba87 !

Did Roy’s response solve this problem for you, and if so can you mark their post a solution to help the community?

Hi @duncan

No, I did not try that, because I think it is not an optimal solution…there is some thing to set and additional cost…I think this is really a feature to have…

I have no doubts that the proposed solution works :slight_smile:

so I mark that as solution now

thank you

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